Warrior Philosophers – Óðinn’s Warriors, the One-harriers

Related to the Greek koiranos, "commander," the One-harrier is one who harries, commands, or controls, one —himself. Each has moreover elected to die as a personal ego and gained transcendence of consciousness into the non-personal, universal, realm of the gods. To put it another way, he has overcome the lesser human self andunited with the cosmic purpose of life. This is a continuous process — of becoming - growth, hence of change, each change being a "death," a transformation from one state into another, usually from a less to a more perfect condition. The surrender of weapons is a hallmark of the Mystery tradition. The candidate for universality cannot, by the very nature of his quest, regard himself as separate from the whole; he can therefore have no use for divisive means of any kind, in thought, word, or deed. First to go are weapons of offense, as harmlessness is cultivated. Thereafter all means of defense are dropped and finally all personal protection of whatever kind. The One-harrier has stepped beyond the notion of separateness. His work lies not in the immediate but in the eternal. He is no longer bounded by a self but extends unlimited; the hero soul has discarded all personal concern, placing complete reliance on the divine law he unconditionally serves. For the human race evolution can be defined as developing awareness, an increasing comprehension of life. This is not mere knowledge of facts and relationships, nor is it just a growing understanding of ourselves and others; it entails a very direct realization and personal discovery of the spiritual unity of beings. With it comes a self identification with all, well expressed in the words, "I am not my brother's keeper, I am my brother." The self is non-self. In the transition from a restricted inwardness of ego to all-inclusive self-transcendence, the human soul comes naturally to identify with all that is. To everyone there come moments when the whispered urgings of divinity are sensed within the silence of the soul.Those who answer the call to serve the gods and help alleviate humanity's future suffering are on the path to becoming One-harriers, heroes who muster the scattered forces of the soul under the single command of universal purpose, and who maintain this tenor through lifetimes of effort. It is simply an acceleration of the divine natural evolution that these heroic souls undertake and by the destruction of personal unhealthy egoism ally their powers with the long-range work of the gods in our world. It is this message we may find in myths: the initiation of a new kind of living. For initiation means "beginning." It is entering on a new sphere of duty, a more exalted and, to us, godlike arena of life. The "One-harrier" is crowned a warrior of the gods and undertakes to share with them "the tasks of the years and the ages."