Viking Warrior Society of the Drakon Order

We are a men’s and women's society exploring the spiritual knowledge and martial training of the Norse warrior traditions in Scandinavia and Iceland before the Christian era. We explore Icelandic/Nordic folklore and their myths and legends based on the Sagas and the Eddas.

The Norse philosophy of Frith (peace and goodwill), Honour and Luck are our central concepts. Frith has a great deal to do not only with the state of peace but also with the nature of social relationships conducive to peace. Moreover, it has strong associations with stability and security. Frith is inextricably related to the state of kinship, which is perhaps the strongest indicator of frith. Honour: Frith and honour are the sum of life – the essence to live fully and happily. Honour is identical with humanity. Without honour, one cannot be a living being; losing honour, one loses the vital element for thought and emotion. Luck is not chance or fortune. Luck the strongest power, the vital principle of the world. Luck, a strong mind, means wisdom, or a good plan, just and honest thoughts, power and authority, which are the working of a strong will – Ones who are powerless or unlucky have a lack of will, lack of power and lack of self-assertion. The inner state of a person in luck is described in Icelandic as a whole mind, heill hugr, which comprises wisdom as well as goodwill and affection. We strive to keep the old traditions alive and strong as a living society. Our mission is to create world class Viking martial and spiritual groups.         Rev. Dr. JC Husfelt, Writer, Philosopher and Master Martial Artist with a Northern European Scottish Norse bloodline which originated from Norwegian Norse settlers on the Scottish Hebrides islands - Vikingar-Skotar. Dr. Husfelt pursues and relishes the clarity of firsthand and experiential knowledge. Since 1964 he has been on a journey, both literally and metaphorically, to touch the mystical and practical side of the martial arts and the mystery and myth, the spiritual and healing lore of indigenous cultures throughout the world. His adventures have taken him from his present home on the edge of a fjord in Western Washington through the Americas, to the icy plateaus and volcanos of Iceland and through the windswept barrens of the British Isles, onward across the Orkney Islands, Norway, continental Europe and the Mediterranean, to Asia and Polynesia.