The Power of Þórr

zzzzzzzzzzMårten Eskil Winge's 'Tor's Fight with the Giants' via Wikimedia Commons

Þórr is an inspiration, a guiding light that may lighten our darkness, just as his hammer’s lightning streaks through the sky. His rain fertilizes the earth, just as our own tears may heal us and fertilize the barren parts of our wounded selves. Þórr is the son of the earth. He is Þórr Fjörgynsson: Þórr “Son of Life’s Struggles.” In other words, the Norse metaphorically referred to the earth as “life struggle.” At various times, our journeys through life are struggles. This is Þórr’s realm, the earth and the sky. And just as light has a function, so does Þórr. One of his functions is to help us through life’s struggles. Þórr has our back! Þórr may be viewed as the personification of the earth and sky. He is also the personification of gravity. His realm is Þrúðvangr (Old Norse for “power field”) and his hall is called Bilskirnir (Old Norse for “lightning crack”). Sif is his wife and his one daughter is Þrúðr (powerful). His two sons are Móði (ON, “angry one”) and Magni (ON, “the strong one”). According to Vilhelm Gronbech, both sons are “his powerful courage and resolution.”[i] Our children are extensions of ourselves, even though they are intrinsically unique individuals. So it is with the children of Þórr—anger, strength, power, powerful courage, and resolution (possibly a resolute heart) may help us in understanding and overcoming our struggles of life. aThunder, Þórr’s voice, gives us insight into the power of vocal vibration. This power of vibration results in a strong heart, mind, and voice. Thunder is the power of Þórr’s voice. Everything is energy, all vibration. To bring about change and/or transformation, we need intention and the interaction of body, mind, and voice—the vibrational power of our soul. And sometimes just as Þórr’s rain fertilizes the earth, our tears need to purify our heart. Every moment, our words need to be based on truth, not lies. Our words need to be in congruence with our heart, not our unhealthy ego. Every word we speak needs to reflect a powerful, loving, and compassionate heart. This is everyday speak, but what about mystical words? This is where chanting comes into play as well as the Norse galdr—formulaic incantations [i] Vilhelm Gronbech, The Culture of the Teutons, 378. Excerpted: Return of a Green Philosophy: The Wisdom of Óðinn, the Power of Þórr, and Freyja’s Power of Nature