Spirit of the Warrior


Spirit of the Warrior was birthed in 1984. Since that time, we have been guiding people around the world on sacred journeys and conducting programs based on the warrior spirit of ‘commanding oneself.’ One of the cultures who exemplified ‘command of oneself’ and voyaging into the unknown was the Vikings.

The Vikings possessed an adventurous spirit and were seekers of knowledge and other lands. We now know that a thousand years ago, nearly half a millennium before Columbus, the Norse extended their explorations from Iceland and Greenland to the shores of Northeastern North America, and, possibly, beyond. The Vikings were definitely not homesteaders. Nor am I. I have always deeply identified with Óðinn. As a truth-seeker like Óðinn, I have traveled for more than thirty years to different parts of the world ever seeking wisdom and the myth, magic and lore of elders and indigenous people. I have self-sacrificed and sacrificed self to self. My experience of ‘listening, looking and learning’ flowed from indigenous elders, healers and shamans from all over the world. It also comes from my interactions with the young and old of other races and cultures and emanates deeply from my own soul wisdom. This knowledge is what I refer to as the ‘first knowledge.’  It is knowledge that is woven throughout and found in all the ‘first people’ indigenous spiritual/religious traditions on this earth. This ‘first knowledge’ has been referred to as primordial knowledge. As such it portrays universal themes, principles and truths. Primordial knowledge was extremely important to Óðinn as well; so much that he sacrificed one of his eyes, little doubt a great sacrifice of self to self! After this sacrifice Óðinn was allowed to drink from Mimir’s Well and thus acquired primordial knowledge. Mimir, some say he was the smith who made the sword Balmung for the dragon-slaying hero Siegfried; others he was the giant who guarded the ‘well of highest wisdom.’ “Mimir was known as the Wise One or the Rememberer. His name is related to the Latin memor (mindful) and memorari (to remember). He was regarded as an ally and teacher of Óðinn. His is the Well of Remembrance, from which Óðinn drinks in order to acquire knowledge of the past, of the origins of things.” I’ve drank from the Well and been gifted from my soul with this power. Due to my extensive firsthand experiences of the Otherworld and my initiation within various indigenous shamanic cultures and my direct experience of the ‘old ways’ of these cultures, I have an understanding and knowing of the pre-Christian Germanic-Norse-Icelandic spiritual beliefs and practices. Please contact us if you are interested in living the Spirit of the Warrior.